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The Great Unknown

Launching something into the unknown can be a scary experience. When I think about the term lift off, I think about the astronauts of the Apollo era lifting off into the great unknown. They stepped out not knowing what to expect but knew that something great was ahead of them. In this season, while I may not be launching into outer space, I am stepping out into the great unknown of launching a new private practice on the West side of Los Angeles. With over 10 years of experience in guiding individuals and groups towards growth and success, I look forward to this adventure.

In thinking about your life or someone's you love, you too may have hopes and dreams that you aspire for as well. Often times we wander through life hoping for the best but not knowing exactly how to achieve that best. For me, I'm the person I am today because a village supported me along the way to reach this moment in time. If you feel like your village could use an extra hand, reach out today.

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